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About Numerology -

Going hand and hand with astrology is numerology, another form of future forecasting. Check our site for more information on Numerology and detailed articles.

Bangalore Bio 2008 - India's Biggest Biotech Show. April 24 - 26, 2008, BIEC, Bangalore, India -

Bangalore Bio is the biggest biotech event held annually in Bangalore, India.Bangalore Bio 2008 will comprise of International Conference on Biotechnology, International Trade Show (Biotech Expo), RICH (Research Industry Collaboration Hub), BioPartnering, CEO Conclave, B2B Meetings, Poster Session, etc. This year Bangalore Bio gives the mantra of Global Partnering. It will bring all the stakeholders of Biotech Industry from India and across the globe on a single platform.

House Hunting -

Ghosts, poltergeists and haunted places are three commonly reported paranormal experiences. All three of these phenomena involve spirit activity. Though these paranormal phenomena are similar, there are some important differences.

Insulation Blowing Machines -

Heat Seal Equipment manufactures Air Duct Cleaning Machines and Tools, Insulation Blowing Machines and and air duct cleaning equipment.

Metric Length Conversion -

When facing an imperial to metric conversion, length measurements will be inaccurate if an incorrect formula is used or if a math error occurs. Making use of a length conversion calculator is a more convenient and more accurate alternative.